Sunday, June 19, 2016

THE JOURNEY OF LOVE.........Going for a cool relationship between G Yen, Parents and their parents...

The above diagram refers to our different stages of life that is not exempted from anyone... It's what we call a journey of love whereby we directly and indirectly co-exist with our loved ones, families, relatives, friends and others.

At such, to make our life journey pleasurable and meaningful we need a great relationship between family members though seldom some might prefer to be a hermit.

To perfect a relationship is never easy.... it definitely needs skill and multiple quotients that includes !Q, EQ, CQ, DQ, MQ, AQ and TQ.

The 7 quotients of relationship applied makes our life journey easy and magical...

Intelligence quotient    IQ applied and acquired. 
Emotional quotient  EQ 
Creativity quotient
Development quotient
Moral quotient
Adversity quotient and 
Teamwork quotient

to be continued..



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