Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good emotions open doors to intuitions... strong emotions open doors to enthusiasm..

Good emotions open doors to intuitions... 
Strong emotions open doors to enthusiasm.. 
Happy emotions open doors to happiness..
Sad emotions open even more doors to realizations..

The taste of regrets that smells rotten eggs..
Rocks and pierce deep our inner soul..
The taste of high expectations smells exotic..
yet the disappointments kills every courage..

The taste of blood from fallen tooth is rusty..
But we don't drink of what we are made of...
The taste of anger and hate is bitter..
But we don't keep or store it or take it...

Emotions..yes.. emotions keep us alive..
Love or unlove.. anger, hate or revenge..
It doesn't matter provided we never stood still..
We received and perceived all that is and are...

Yeah, we are still breathing and living..
Cells are listening and reacting as commanded..
We are spirits in human bodies.. we truly are..
Here for a ride of life, be it smooth or rough...

To experience and be experienced...
That's the beauty of it.. is beautiful as it is..
To act and to be reacted upon..
Life is a deeper dimension of all that has for us...

Smile.. I just did...
Love.. we all love each other..
Care.. we do care for one another..
Cheers.. Give thanks and be grateful..
stay blessed...

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